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Eight Essential UI Design Tips

admin | December 18, 2019

UI design isn’t easy. There are many things that need to be taken into account when you’re creating a new design. That’s why you’ll want to keep these tips at the front of your mind when you’re working on a project. Following this advice will help you to avoid common problems.

1. Know Who Your Users Are

Users are at the center of UI design. Because of this, you’ll want to have a strong understanding of who you’re designing for. How are they going to be browsing the site? Are they tech-savvy? What are their concerns? The more you know about the people you’re designing for, the better.

2. Make Sure People Know What To Expect

Your users should never have questions about what will happen if they take action. For example, if someone clicks on a link, they should know where the link leads. You should make sure it’s easy for users to understand how your site should be used.

3. Assume That Your Users Will Make Mistakes

When you design a site, you spend a lot of time with it. However, you can’t assume that the people using a site will have the same understanding of the site that you do. It’s likely that they’ll make plenty of mistakes when browsing. Your goal as a UI designer should be to ensure that these mistakes have minimal consequences.

4. Provide Instant Feedback

If users have to wait to receive feedback from a site, they’re going to get frustrated. For example, if you’re designing an e-commerce site, and someone clicks to add a product to their cart, they should immediately be able to see that the item has been added to their cart. If someone takes an action, and they don’t receive any sort of feedback, they’re going to assume that something is wrong.

5. Don’t Overdesign

One of the biggest mistakes that web designers make is adding too much to a site. It’s important to keep things simple. Flashy elements might look great, but they won’t make a site any easier to use. It’s likely that you’ll wind up appreciating those elements more than your users do.

6. Make Sure People Can Easily Find What They Need

As a rule of thumb, it should never take a user more than three clicks to access the desired page on your site. If people struggle to find what they’re looking for, they might wind up giving up and looking somewhere else. Remember, people have lots of options. If you make it hard for them to find what they want on your site, they’ll explore other sites instead.

7. Font Choice Is Crucial

You should pick a great-looking font for your site, but you should make readability your top priority. If it’s possible to misread a word based on your font choice, it’s clear that you need to be using a different font. You may want to test out a few different fonts during the design process to see which ones work best for you.

8. Testing Is Essential

You can’t work alone when you’re working on a web design. You need to have other people there to test your design. It’s likely that they’ll be able to point out problems that you never would have been able to spot on your own. With just a little bit of testing, you’ll able to catch problems and fix them.

These user-interface design tips will help you to avoid a lot of the common problems associated with UI design. You’ll be able to create a clean, easy-to-understand design that people will be very happy with.

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