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Google Reviews: How To Get More For Your Business

admin | December 27, 2019

Do you want to get Google reviews for your business? Do you want your customers or clients to share their experience concerning your product or service? People love reviews and there are many great reasons to have many Google reviews, including the fact that it helps your target audience see how reputable that your company is. If you are looking to learn how you can get more Google reviews for your business, you will appreciate the following tips.

1. Send Reminders For Google Reviews. One option you have for getting the reviews you desire is to remind your customers to leave reviews after they make a purchase. While you don’t want to ask them to leave a review immediately following their purchase, you can send an email reminder to your customers after a good amount of time. How long you wait will depend on the product or service you provide. Many people want to leave reviews but simply forget to do so. Providing them with a reminder is a great way to get the reviews that you desire. You can send reminders in email newsletters you may send out or any text marketing you have.

2. Provide Incentives To Leave Google Reviews. Another thing that you can do is leave some kind of incentive to your customers or clients that leave reviews for your business. You may provide them with a coupon code for a certain dollar amount or percentage off of their next order. Or, you might decide that you want to provide a free product for those who leave reviews. By giving those who have experience with your business a reason to leave a review, they are more likely to do so.

3. Offer A Contest For Google Reviews. If you feel more comfortable giving out just one discount or product, you may want to set up a contest to leave reviews for your business. You can do this by encouraging those who are familiar with your business to leave reviews and telling them that you will draw a name out of the hat on a certain date. This will help them have a deadline as to when you want the reviews and then you can notify your winner once the contest is over.

4. Post On Social Media. The social media presence gets bigger and bigger each and every day. What this means for your business is that you should be posting on the social media platform where your target audience spends most of their time. You might even consider making a post to ask for those who are familiar with your business to leave Google reviews. You really do not want to do this every day or even every week, but posting something like this every now and then can help build up your reviews to give you the Google presence that you want.

5. Make It Easy To Leave Google Reviews. The easier you make it for your target audience to share their experience, the more likely they will be to do it. So, no matter how you choose to send out notifications or reminders or provide promotions for reviews, by making the process a simple one, you are going to see the results you desire. You can do this by leaving a link in your email newsletter or Facebook post, or doing whatever it takes for your customers to click a link and share their experience.

To conclude, when you want to get more Google reviews for your business, you have many options. You may choose to do one of the things listed or do all of them. No matter what you choose, the fact is, the more reviews you have on Google, the better.

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